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ASG has directly tested, trained and engaged over 3,000 financial professionals for its diverse mortgage and asset advisory projects. Many of ASG's engagements have involved complex portfolio analysis and systems applications distinguishing ASG's personnel database with respect to depth and diversity. ASG has engaged investment bankers, security lawyers, accountants, financial analysts and programmers, in addition to commercial bankers, asset lenders, due diligence underwriters, processors, closers, and servicers. Financial Professionals and Consultants, click here.

ASG is highly skilled in complex transactions and identifying the appropriate talent to perform them. ASG is committed to providing the highest quality candidates to the client and will submit their resumes for pre-approval. At the request of the client, ASG will provide a team lead to coordinate the team's work and ensure quality control.

ASG conducts an active property valuation business with a nationwide network of 20,000 brokers who conduct a variety of residential and commercial property valuation services. Vendors are welcome to register with ASG at www.asgbpo.com.

In addition to outsourcing, ASG has an active nationwide permanent staffing service. ASG provides permanent staffing for Wall Street clients, the banking industry, the mortgage industry, insurance companies, money managers, and accounting firms. We conduct this placement service on a contingency basis and earn a fee, only if the client hires the candidate as a result of ASG's efforts. No fee is due if we are not successful. Our fee schedule conforms to the General Business Law of the State of New York and is available upon request.

Clients who are interested in contacting ASG, click here. We are interested to assist you and will contract you promptly upon receipt of your email. Thank you.

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