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About Us

Our corporate history reflects our credentials and depth of experience.

The ASG Companies™ (ASG), formed in 1989, consist of New York-based financial services companies that specialize in the real estate and asset based markets. ASG's clients include Wall Street firms, banks, insurance companies, pension funds and government agencies. Since its inception, ASG has successfully completed thousands of transactions, exceeding $250 billion. ASG offers an impressive array of products tailored to the evolving secondary markets - state of the art technology, diverse real estate and asset-based expertise, powerful personnel resources and a nationwide reach.

Our human resource capabilities consist of expert, diverse, seasoned mortgage professionals.

ASG has directly tested, trained and engaged thousands of financial professionals for its diverse mortgage and asset advisory projects. Many of these projects have involved complex portfolio analysis and systems applications distinguishing ASG's personnel database with respect to depth and diversity. ASG has engaged investment bankers, security lawyers, accountants, financial analysts and programmers, in addition to processors, closers and post-closers, underwriters, due diligence auditors, document recovery specialists, servicers, asset lenders and commercial bankers.

ASG is skilled in complex transactions and identifying the appropriate talent to perform them. ASG is committed to providing the highest quality candidates to the client and to submitting their resumes for pre-approval. At the request of the client, ASG will provide a team lead to coordinate the team's work to ensure quality control.

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