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The ASG Companies™ (ASG), formed in 1989, consist of New York-based financial services companies that serve the real estate and asset based markets. ASG provides portfolio advisory services, underwriting and due diligence, property valuations (www.asgbpo.com), quality control and emerging market services.


ASG's principals have over 100 combined years experience in development of GSE lending programs, emerging market banking, mortgage production and servicing, and securities and whole loan trading and sales. More

ASG offers an impressive array of products tailored to the evolving mortgage loan and real estate markets - state of the art technology, diverse real estate and asset-based experience, powerful personnel resources and a nationwide reach. More


ASG's clients include securities dealers, banks, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, pension funds and government agencies. Since its inception, ASG has successfully completed thousands of transactions, exceeding $250 billion. More


ASG developed its residential mortgage loan analytical software over a period of several years, bringing to bear its experience with a wide variety of complex loan products. Licensed by conduits and pension funds, The ASG Mortgage Tool Kit © 1996-2003 contains functions for data mapping, portfolio analysis, structuring, due diligence, pricing and reporting. Importantly, this software contains up-to-date thresholds and loan and disclosure requirements of state and local anti-predatory legislation.

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