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Underwriting and Due Diligence

Our financial advisory, due diligence and related services insure that you receive maximum available proceeds from the market for your transactions.

Residential Due Diligence
ASG performs on-site underwriting and due diligence, producing a CD-Rom and a deal-specific, password-enabled web data, which contains all of the pertinent file review information to the loan portfolio. (Imaged documents, imaged collateral documents, imaged servicing files, and imaged servicing information, if the client so requests.) ASG is a financial advisor to Ginnie Mae, a financial advisor and due diligence provider to the FDIC since 1992, and an approved GSE due diligence and quality control provider. ASG was a financial advisor and Master Due Diligence provider to the RTC and a financial advisor with single-family specialty to HUD. For these agencies and the firm's private sector clients, ASG has provided disposition services for approximately three million loans. Additionally, provides property and housing data for the single-family market.

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