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Underwriting and Due Diligence

Our financial advisory, due diligence and related services insure that you receive maximum available proceeds from the market for your transactions.

BPO Methodology

The BPO value, calculated by ASG's licensed real estate experts, represents the most likely value achievable, given an open, competitive, fair market transaction conducted by prudent and informed market participants. The BPO value is based on an analysis of comparable property characteristics in the subject area and, as such, represents an opinion of value.

ASG obtains subject information from local tax records and local multiple listing systems. ASG obtains six comparables, three active listings and three sold properties. Every BPO includes two photos (one street, one front). Every BPO is quality controlled by ASG staff and produced for the client in typed format. ASG' s quality control staff is consists of licensed, experienced real estate experts.

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